House of fools!

House of Fools!

Welcome to the house of fools,

Upon entering you must play it real cool and try to act as if you got a little sense.

Because Warden J. whose in charge will set you straight in a synch.

She’ll put you in your place so fast,

When she speaks you won’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Folks love coming to the house of fools

Because inside there are no rules.

Everyone does what they want,

They come and go as they please.

They think they’re having a good time

But they just can’t see.

That the house of fools will lead you astray.

If you aren’t mighty careful,

You’ll be carried away.

Swept up in deception, drinking and a thick cloud of smoke.

Thinking you’re having a good time

But it isn’t a joke.

Once you become entangled to the powers that be.

It’ll make a fool out of you, leaving you hopeless indeed!

It’ll make you wish instead of drinking

That you had gotten down on your knees

And cried out to the Almighty up above,

“Lord, help me please”.

“Give me strength to over come this bottomless pit and strong drink”.

Because it’s starting to get the best of me.

And every time you take a sip,

Your brain cries out for more of it.

So you better get smart and take a tip.

Don’t get caught up at the house of fools

or you’ll have to pay severely for it.

Whether in body, soul or mind.

At the House of fools you’ll pay all in due time.

Written by: Ennid V., 19 Mar.09

Inspired by: Julia Mae…Bka Warden J.