House Training Puppies

Well training a dog to use a pee pad is a somewhat difficult task, but its best to start the training while the animal is a puppy. I think it’s a funny experience. Your going to get frustrated at the animal, but then your also going to think some of the animal’s actions are funny.

1. Have pee pads. They are the main thing needed. There aren’t really any specific kind needed, but there are some that have a scent to them that are suppose to attract the animal so the animal will use them.

*Also available is spray that you can put on the pee pads yourself that will attract the animal. *

2. Don’t get too angry at the animal remember he/she is a baby, they need time to learn. Some dogs take more time than others to learn. Some may pick it up within a week, while another can take longer.

3. When the puppy urinates on an unwanted area just pick him/her up, and sit them on the pee pad and lightly pop them on their rear. Once this action is repeated they will get the hint.

*If they keep urinating in one specific spot, if possible sit the pee pad on that spot and that could help. *

*When you must leave the puppy unattended at home, a inside kennel would be great to use*

I hope these tips help in your attempt to training puppy/or puppies. Its ok to get frustrated, just remember you love the animal.