How Can I Keep Burgulars Away From My Home?

**Talk security with your neighbors**

Organize a neighborhood watch. I would start with five homes to the left of my house and five homes to the right. Invite everyone to your house for dessert and coffee. Talk about problems in the neighborhood and find out if anyone has seen anyone suspicious. Ask questions like: Does everyone have a house alarm? If not, strongly consider calling a home security company as a group and getting a discount for several homes all at once.

**Talk home security with the teenagers**

Talk to your children and ask about their friends. Many neighborhood break-ins occur when teenagers invite bad kids into your home. They look around your nice house and decide that they want to steal your flat screen television and your laptop computer. Watch if your teen has a set of house keys. Under no circumstances should they let friends know where they keep their keys. Also, put away all alcohol when kids are in your house.

**Non-emergency police number**

Call the local police department and ask for the non-emergency telephone number. Not all situations in your neighborhood require that you call 911. Let’s say for example that there is a suspicious car parked outside your neighbor’s house. You don’t know who is in the car, but you are very concerned. If you dial 911, you will not report an emergency. The non-emergency number will get a police officer to drive by and check out the car.

**Neighborhood Watch**

Another idea is to set up a neighborhood watch. Everyone can take turns driving around for 30 minutes in the evening. Look for things that stand out. Look for strange people hanging out in the neighborhood. Look for strange cars and strange trucks. Write down events that happen and encourage everyone to tell others when they are going on vacation. Encourage neighbors to get a dog to protect the homes.

**Use Common Sense**

When you buy a 50″ television, do not leave the empty boxes and materials outside your house for the garbage man to pick up. Everyone and his brother will know that you have a nice new TV in your home. They will also think that you have lots of money and jewelry. Talk to your neighbors, but do not tell them everything about your family. If you recently got $500,000 for an inheritance, no one needs to know. Staying secure and safe is about common sense and working together.