How do You Make Your Own Website?

I have been trying for a while to learn about how you make your own website, and I didn’t get a clear picture of how to make a website, until I talked to the people at Host Gator in a free support chat.

They told me everything I wanted to know, for example, my first question was “do I need to buy a domain name as well as pay for hosting?” The answer is yes, you need to buy a domain name and pay for hosting before you build your website.

It has always seemed like a very complicated thing to me, building your own website, but I’m sure that once you get started, you learn soon enough what needs to be done. Basically, I worked out I would need to go buy a domain name, like a .com (which you can buy from Host Gator, or Go Daddy), then I would have to get hosting.

Host Gator has a deal where they give you hosting for an unlimited amount of domains for just $7.95 a month. One of my referrals on Bukisa has hundreds of different websites, and he puts links to his articles in the website text, which earns him almost $20 every day, which I get a quarter of. 

He gets hundreds of thousands of views every day to his many websites, and I want to learn how to get the same sort of success. So after you get a good searchable .com domain name, (meaning the title of the home page will be something that many people will search for, and those keywords will be in the domain name), you need to fill the website with SEO content.

I left out something. You need a website builder, or template to do your actual designing on. The chat support guy at Host Gator recommended WordPress. That is, not, because that is a site where you make a free blog. The difference with a free blog, is it doesn’t do as well in a Google search and you can’t advertise on it.

Host Gator has a website builder you can use, and you may want to try that as well as WordPress, because you don’t have to use the website template on your domain name once you make it, (I think). Apparently WordPress just has better options for plug ins, and advertising. Anyway, you need to have the domain name, and the hosting, then you setup your WordPress template, with relevant SEO content, and then you sort out the advertising.

Some advertisers you might use are Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates, Chikita, Kontera, etc. Adzly has a two level referral program. You may also want to put in banners from If you post a link to your Bukisa referral link, or your Sidetick referral link (only pays in the west), or any of the other referral links I have mentioned before in other articles, you can monetize your website in many different ways.

The thing to remember when you make your own website, is you have to keep updating your website with keyword relevant SEO content. For example, if your site was called making your own website, you would have to keep updating the site with new keyword content related to websites, hosting, domain names, etc. You can use Google’s keyword tool to help you with the relevant keywords to include often all through your website.

I hope that website building beginners now have a better idea of how you make your own website. I invite comments from people who have already made a successful website to correct any errors I made in this article, and give some more helpful information for how to make your own website.