How Eat Mindfully

1. When you eat it is important to focus solely on the moment and the here and now experience of eating. The appearance, texture, and the aroma of the food, and the feelings and thoughts you are having as you eat.

2. The kitchen should be the only room where you eat. Not while you are watching television or working at your computer. These times for eating and eating alone. Don’t eat while your attention is on other things. It is nice to have a conversation with family or friends but don’t get so carried away you forget to enjoy your food. And this is when weight is gained because we forget how much we have eaten.

3.Attractive settings and utensils helps to make the meal inviting. Take a few deep breaths before you start eating. Chew well and put your utensils down between bites. Try to savor each mouthful. This way your brain is aware you have eaten. We all have foods that are too irresistable and are hard to quit eating. This is when chewing well and savoring will be important.

4. Take time to assess your hunger. Take several sips of water.  Are you starving or just moderately hungry? Are you eating because you are emotional or are you really hungry? Pause occasionally to evaluate your hunger. Once you feel satisfied stop rather than eating until the plate is empty. Give your body several minutes to register whether you are still hungry or not before you eat more.