How Important Are You in a Childs' Life?

Parents Are The Most Important Teachers

Parents should be asking how important they are in their child’s life in establishing healthy boundaries.

Parents are the first and most important teachers a child has.

A child has to develop a sense of trust with the parents and know that he/she is going to be kept safe.

Structuring healthy boundaries with their child from birth is critical. Children learn from observing and if they are touched in a respectful and appropriate way that’s what they learn. Speaking in a calm and reassuring voice is also important. A child has to feel safe in order to learn healthy boundaries.

Children expect to be protected by their parents and if a child doesn’t feel any sense of safety and protection then there is not going to be any trust development.

If there is no trust on a child’s part that a parent will protect them then the child very likely will not share any abuse that’s happening, whether it’s molestation, bullying, name calling or physical abuse.

Children who do not have a clear understanding of boundaries are often victims of abuse and if there’s no safe family member to confide in, the abused often becomes an abuser himself because it gives him/her power in his own right.

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If you spot the reason for the behavior it would be wise to take action immediately.

Your child depends on you for his/her safety.