How Lucid Dreaming Can Help You Solve Problems

Lucid dreaming simply means that while dreaming you’re aware that you’re doing so. You feel “awake” in your dreams and with practice you can learn to control them. Dreams have no limits. You can travel to other countries, talk with historical figures or your spirit guides, and do things you can’t in your waking life.

Getting Yourself Ready For Lucid Dreaming:

1. Get into the habit of recalling your dreams. Before falling asleep tell yourself, “I’ll remember my dreams with complete clarity when I wake up.” The following morning or as soon as you awake from a dream write down everything you can remember. You don’t have to go into deep detail unless you want to, but a basic outline of the dream will help you to recall it in detail later when you go over your notes. This exercise strengthens your dream recall “muscles.”

2. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of writing down your dreams and are better at recalling them, you can begin inducing lucid dreaming. The best way to do this is to give yourself a cue before you fall asleep. For example tell yourself, “When I’m dreaming and see my hand (or a big red button, or the fact that I’m flying) I’ll know I’m dreaming and be able to control it.” At first you may find that simply knowing you’re dreaming is enough to jolt you awake, but in time you’ll get used to this and controlling your dreams will be much easier. Don’t give up!

Controlling Your Dreams:

1. Whenever you realize you’re dreaming you can then start controlling it. Do something simple in your dream environment such as turning a garbage can into a fire hydrant or changing the color of the walls or carpet.

2. To become really good at dream control you must believe you can control your dreams and that whatever you want to experience is possible. Start out small and work your way up to more challenging activities.

How you can use lucid dreaming to solve problems:

1. Once you get into the habit of lucid dreaming, feel free to call upon your angel, spirit guide, or a loved one who has crossed over. Talk with them about something that’s bothering you, or ask a question you’d like them to help you solve. See what guidance or answers come up and write down any information you received in your notebook.

2. Sometimes you may get something odd. For instance, you may ask a deceased loved one a question and are shown an animal or item rather than getting an outright answer. When you wake up think about the symbol and what it can mean, or check out a dream dictionary. Many times what seems like something completely nonsensical is really wisdom at its most basic!

Other uses and benefits of lucid dreaming:

Lucid dreaming can be used for many things besides problem solving. You can recover from past traumas, develop skills, work on self-esteem issues, travel the world, party with your favorite celebrities, talk with deceased loved ones, and so much more. Being able to solve problems while you sleep is one of the most fascinating reasons to practice this exercise. Lucid dreaming is a powerful way to tap into your subconscious and get it to work for you!