How Many of These Celebs in Their Halloween Costumes Can You Recognize?

We’ve lined up 16 of the best Halloween looks of our favorite celebs! Can you recognize them? Be sure to check #8, #9 and #15 you won’t regret it!

1. Rihanna

Photo: Courtesy of Mail Online

Rihanna and her pals teamed up as Ninja Turtles in 2014. The singer opted for Raphael look. Can you name the others? We bet you won’t recognize the next one! Slide to see.

2. Adele

Photo: Courtesy of Hello Magazine

Adele definitely rocked this ssssmokin’ look as The Mask, Jim Carrey’s most iconic character. She went completely incognito and we loved it! You will love the next couple!

3. Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

‘When your daughter asks for Sally and Jack, you give her Sally and Jack,’ Jenna wrote on her Instagram post. The next one is one of our favorites!

4. Lady Gaga

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music Canada

One may have thought that this woman would’ve run out of ideas by now but she keeps serving outstanding looks! This time: all-time classic Edward Scissorhands. Beware, the next one is really scary!

5. Lebron James

Photo: Courtesy of Complex Media

LeBron decided to show up as Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It. No doubt, he nailed it. Also true? We’re going to have nightmares for days! Slide for another spooky look!

6. Vamessa Hudgens

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

You thought that was a Halloween decoration, right? Vanessa sure looks amazing! The skeleton look is classic and timeless. You won’t believe the next makeover!

7. Heidi Klum

Photo: Courtesy of Slovenske Novice

Oh honey bunny! She totally nailed this Jessica Rabbit look. She literally looks like she jumped out of the TV screen. We promise you won’t stop laughing at the next one!

8. Katy Perry

Photo: Courtesy of EnElBrasero

She definitely took her support for Hillary Clinton to the next level! Also, she had her “Bill” by her side (agent Michael Kives). The next one will have you swinging form the chandelier.

9. Ellen Degeneres

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

The television host decided to rock a Sia costume for her show’s Halloween Special. “As you can tell, I’m Sia and the problem is I can’t really see you,” she said. You’ll never believe who is under this woman costume!

10. Marc Jacobs

Photo: Courtesy of GQ

Actually, he looks so different that we’re only 89% sure that this is actually him! Also, we think he should have pursued a carreer in make up as well.

11. Nina Dobrev

Photo: Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

OMG we live for those abs! The Vampire Diaries actress rocked the Ryan Lochte’s look. Don’t miss the next The Muppet’s tribute!

12. Colton Haynes

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Oink oink! The former Arrow actor went over the top with this look and did not think twice before uploading several photos to his Instagram, including one revealing full-body shot. We think he looks ravishingly beautiful! We promise you’ll love the next coordinated outfit.

13. Ryan Lochette

Photo: Courtesy of Just Jared

The Olympic athlete decided to go incognito as Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter; on the other hand, his fiancée Kayla Rae Reid was a bit easier to recognize in her Alice costume. You’ll never believe the look this Victoria’s Secret Model achieved! Slide to see the transformation.

14. Sara Sampaio

Photo: Courtesy of Bellazon

Portuguese Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio opted for a super scary transformation as one of the legendary horror characters of the 2000’s, Samara from The Ring. We hope you can sleep well after this! But in case you can’t, slide next to see a heavenly Hollywood tribute!

15. Martha Stewart


Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

“Oftentimes, a party invitation determines the theme of my costume,” says Martha. She sure has conquered this ultra-glam look with that beautiful coiffed blonde hair! Slide to see how the Wolf of Wall Street looks like now!

16. Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Courtesy of Lainey Gossip

Leonardo DiCaprio transformed himself into a mythical beast for Kate Hudson’s Halloween party in Los Angeles. He was unrecognizable in that ferocious mask!