How Stop Syncing With a Mobile Device

Stop syncing with a mobile device

If your mobile device is set up to sync using a program from the device manufacturer, open that program to stop the device from syncing. If you have a mobile device that’s set up to sync using the new Device Stage feature in this version of Windows, here’s how to stop it from syncing.

Turn on your mobile device and connect it to your computer, either with a cable or through a wireless connection. If it’s a wireless device, place your device within range of the computer.

Wait for Device Stage to open automatically. If you’ve already set up your device to sync, Device Stage will open, but it will appear minimized on your Windows ‌taskbar. If Device Stage doesn’t open, then you’re either syncing your device using a different program or Windows is unable to detect your device. Make sure your device is turned on and properly connected to your computer.

In Device Stage, double-click Set up sync.

On the Set up sync page, uncheck each type of file or information you previously selected to sync. When no items are checked, click Save changes. Windows will no longer sync with your device.

Windows gives you two options for syncing a mobile phone, portable music player, or other mobile device with your computer. You can install the sync software that many manufacturers include with their devices, or you can use Device Stage, if your device supports this feature.