How Tacky is that! Julies Tacky Treasures

Perusing the internet, I chanced upon a website called; Julie’s Tacky Treasures!

With a website name like that I had to check it out!

Here you will find a collection of truly tacky treasures. According to Julie, and I quote:

“A tacky treasure is, first of all, tacky. However, to be a treasure, it must possess an additional quality, which could be any one of these: a naïve yet ultimately flawed effort to be sophisticated or stylish; a complete lack of shame in exploiting poor taste; or a deliberate flaunting of poor taste as a rebellion against established norms.”

Julie’s Tacky Treasures – 2009

She claims to have the world’s largest collection of Mark Eden Bust Developers. Remember the ads in the back of magazines for this strange little item? Remember hearing the girls on the playground chanting “We must! We must! We must increase our bust!” If not you led a sheltered life!

Also found in the section titled: Top Tacky Treasures are items like the “Popener”, ( a bottle opener with the likeness of Pope John Paul II.) and a vest made from 20,000 rubber bands.

There is a section called Nouveau Tacky, which includes things like t-shirts asking the question “What would Jesus Ride” (an obvious motorcycle reference) A Chairman Mao Cigarette Lighter, and in the epitome of tackiness, a Cat’s A** Pencil sharpener. This one has a video which shows it in use. As you sharpen the pencil, a cat yowls… That is just wrong!

If you are still at the site check out the section called Tacky Places which highlights places like “Foamhenge”, and “Silly Things for Silly People”, a store that sells among other things, George W. Bush Toilet paper, and The Sacred Heart of Elvis Refrigerator magnets.

Who is Julie of Julie’s Tacky Treasures? Julie Mangin, a lady who raises Monarch Butterflies and refers to herself as an arbiter of tacky treasures among other things.

This is a site that you can find yourself clicking from one page to the next in horrified fascination. Forrest Gump would probably have said “Tacky is as Tacky does. “Something like that, anyway. All I can say is thank goodness for Julie and her Tacky Treasures. If you need a smile on a dismal day, please go take a look at Julie’s site. You will be glad, if not surprised you did.