How To Apply Eye Liner?

When it comes to the face, the only area that you can get really creative when applying makeup is the eyes using an eye liner. This is possible through the use of color, shapes and designs and the end result is just magnificent. Following are a few tips on how to properly apply eye liner to your eyes to create different effects.

The first effect is well known and is used by most prominent actors to create an alluring and seductive look. This look is accomplished by using a beige or white eye liner and lining the rim of the eye. This in turn will make the white of the eye appear bigger.

When it comes to applying the eye liner, what you have to do is to pull your lower eye lid away from the eye and hold it with two fingers. Use the eye liner to apply it to the rim of the eye. The same must be done for the upper and lower lid as well. If your eye liner happens to be a bit too sharp for your eyes, then you could simply draw on tissue or the back of your hand to make it blunt and soft.

Kohl can also be used in place of the eye liner. The use of kohl is timeless and goes back to the day of the Egyptians. In the Middle and Far East, it is still being used and is a primary make up product. The kohl is applied in the same manner as the eye liner and is applied from eye corner to corner. Afterwards, a soft brush is used to spread the kohl to create a smoky eye effect. In case you don’t have soft brush, your clean fingertip will do just fine.

Once you’re done, you will need to make sure it doesn’t smudge or fade away and to do this you will need to set the eye liner. This can be done with the use of powder. For an even more stunning impact, you could apply your favorite color of eye shadow around the eye liner.

Once you’ve learnt how to apply the pencil eye liner, you may want to try your hand at liquid eye liner. This is a very fast way to achieve a sophisticated and chic look. However, liquid eye liner can be tricky and therefore you need to be careful while you apply it. Use a mirror all the time you apply eye liner until you have perfected your application skills.