How to Avoid 10 Common Mistakes in Bukisa?

So I am sharing this article with you to correct yourself to earn a passive income from this platform.

No. 1:  Concentrate on originality of your content.

I know that most of successful online writers are master of re-writing an article. But the uniqueness is that they bring originality to their article even if they collect information from other sources.

In a race to put more article to your account, do not be caught for fraudulent behaviour of copying content from other. Try to bring 100% originality to your article.

No. 2:   Adhere to your standard of content.

Bukisa at anytime can disqualify your article for sub-standard content of your article. Do not give such content which has difficult-to-read formatting.

No. 3 :   Pay attention to Product Capsule insertion of your article.

When you try to insert any product capsule to your article, you be attentive not to use too many products in your article. Make it easy to read throughout your writing. Do not put first capsule of your article as product capsule.  This was the mistake I was doing at the beginning.

No. 4 : Do not copy even your own article from another published site.

Even you own an article still you don’t try to copy it from another published site to Bukisa. It will be declared as fraudulent activity.

No. 5 :   Do not submit broken external links.

Whenever you like to give reference of an external website, and then do try not to place any broken links. It will hamper your Bukisa status in the community.

No. 6 :  Check spelling and grammar while writing.

It is the most important factor while publishing your article. You can simple use “ MS-Word spelling and grammar option’ for assistance.

No. 7 :  Bukisa Terms and conditions.

Do not start your journey without reading terms and conditions of Bukisa. Most of us have a habit to click on “ I agree” button while signing up for any site. If you did that then stop a while now and read them clearly.

No. 8 :   Submission of honest comment.

Most of beginners want to increase their visibility putting odd comments in writers’ article. This is against the rules and regulation of Bukisa community.  So be attentive while putting your comment on any articles.

No. 9 : Take  some time to apply for Google Adsense  if you are new .

Do not apply for Google Adsense on first day of your joining. Put few articles on your account. Take some time to bring sufficient page views to your articles. Then apply for Google Adsense Account. Your chances of getting approval are more.

No. 10 : Do not create article with Full-width link.

It is another mistake beginner’s do while making their article initially.  You note it in a note book that you will not place Full-width external link on your articles.

These are the list of common mistakes that successful article writers should avoid it.  Do you think my article is helpful to you? Please leave a comment below to improve my writing. 

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