How To Avoid Free Offers That Aren’t Free

It is really a lot of scams and hidden ways for company to get money out of us. In this world it is “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF’.

Have you ever gotten a bill and wonder where it come from? It come from that check in the mail.

Those checks that comes in the mail with those discover platinum credit card bills comes with a price. I know it looks like easy money, already made out to you with your name on it. Cashing this check generally means you are accepting their obligations and you have to pay later. Do not cash those checks that come by mail, unless you are agreeing to the terms that come with it.

Have you seen those ads for free ringtones? Do not enter your cell phone number as part of any online purchase. Do not respond to text
message offers. These maybe Trojan horses for expensive subscription services.

Have you been surfing the net and those add-on advertising pop up?
Do not accept those add-ons. If you are using a dial up modem your modem can be hijacked and have expensive phone calls placed
on your bill when left on in the late nights or early morning hours.

Even those free credit reports can lead you the wrong way.  If you don’t read carefully and understand what you read you can be signing up for one of the bureaus trial offers. That mean you will have to pay later. And that is not free.

Try filling the form out first then choose a bureau, do not accept any of their come ons.