How to Avoid Getting Sucked Into Online Money Making Scams

Steer clear of money making sites that ask for cash upfront. You should never have to pay to make money, unless you are starting a legitimate business of your own. Companies that want to scam people out of money will look promising and even offer discounts, incentives, or personalized help to get you started making money fast. But, beware of the online sites that ask for money to start your own business, get a list of names, open up an online store, or whatever else a site is promising. A scam is one that wants your money upfront and then closes their company and moves. Often times they open up under a different name and do the same thing again so as to not get caught. Just be sure that whatever money making site you’re interested in does not require you to give a credit card, pay with PayPal, or ask for any other tip of payment. Even if the cash they are asking for is $1.99, you will usually notice in the fine print that it states the money making site will charge your credit card $1.99 for shipping and then $59.99 or more every month thereafter.

Always read the fine print on any money making site. Every site has a listing of terms and conditions that they are required by law to create. This fine print can often be so small that you don’t see it states they can charge a credit card monthly for more than you originally thought. Money making scams are usually those that take a monthly payment from you for using their site, purchasing their information, or selling their products. Nothing easy in life comes free, or cheap. Always check a money making sites terms or conditions before considering them as a great way to earn an extra income. You’ll be very surprised to know that once a money making scam company gets your credit card information, they are pretty much free to do with it as they like. If you read carefully, it says so in their fine print. So read every inch of the money making site before giving them any information including your name, email, or address.

Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for listings of legitimate sites. The BBB is a great way to find out if a money making site is trustworthy. Companies and sites on the BBB are those that have to follow certain guidelines to be legitimate and listed on the BBB. The BBB is careful what companies and sites it chooses to put on their list of trustworthy companies. When in doubt about a money making site, search for it on the BBB website (, and find out all sorts of information about the company. Using the BBB website, you can check out information on a company, business, or charity; file a complaint about a business, get help from BBB programs and services, and utilize their resource library. You will have no problem finding out if a money making company is a scam using the BBB. If the site or company does not exist on BBB, it is not legit or trustworthy and should be avoided.

Search reviews on a particular money making site. Check out a search engine you trust to give you more information on sites you may think are money making scams. Simply type in ‘Review of XXXX’ and put the name of the company in for XXXX. People review get rich quick sites all the time to help other fellow web surfers stay safe from money making scams. When in doubt about a money making website or company, simply search out that company’s name and it’s almost guaranteed you will find a ton of websites that have reviewed that scam. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are scammed everyday by online websites promising to make you rich. But, lucky for you, most of these people are fed up, pissed off, and upset about being scammed and want to share it with the world. There are many forums that discuss online money making scams to help others as well. These sites are designed to prevent others from making the same mistakes and being scammed out of money as well. See resource list below for links to reviews of money making scams.

Contact the company who is promising to help you get rich quick. Any legitimate company will answer emails and phone calls about their money making site if they are not a scam. Those that are out to scam people out of money, will not have an adequate email, phone number, or address. Money making scam companies even change contact information often to avoid getting caught. If you are not able to get a hold of anyone who runs the company, chances are, it’s a scam. Money making websites that promise to make you rich quick, but instead scam you out of money, don’t want to be contacted. First of all, they are not legitimate sites. Secondly, they can not give you answers to your questions because they are not really going to give what they promise. Also, money making scam companies can be caught easily if they do not move from website to website or address to address. This is how they stay in business and take our money. Sneaky, but clever. So just think, if you can’t make contact with a real person on a money making website, it is probably a scam.