How To Avoid Heartache When Choosing Gemstone Jewelry.

Actually, there is more to buying gemstone jewelry than you realize, and that is why we offer these helpful suggestions.

   Diamonds are some of the most elegant precious gemstones available, and entire books have been written about them. You may know they have a natural hardness that is not found in much else, so far. What is not known by a lot of people is so many diamonds are not technically the highest possible quality available. Colored diamonds have their special appeal as well, and they are not the type most think about in a diamond. For example, there are green diamonds as well as yellow and pink plus others that are quite rare. We all understand that size in carats figures heavily into the price, but there are others such as how clear it is and of course the quality.

   As a favorite gemstone for women, pearls are perhaps second only to diamonds. In case anybody ever asks you about pearls, you now know that they are not gemstones at all because gems do not come from something living. There is nothing more that needs to be done because pearls are finished when take out of the mollusks and oysters. What is interesting about pearls is many that are sold are cultured. The only thing that is different is these pearls come from a type of oyster/mollusk farm where everything is monitored by humans.

   What is also noteworthy about cultured pearls is the final cost to the buyer, you, is not as high as it would be or was in the past. Some oysters are better at making pearls than others, and that means the nicer ones will command a higher price.

   There are three terms you should be familiar with concerning gemstones: simulant, synthetic and natural. Hopefully you have an intuitive understanding of what a natural gemstone is. Synthetic stones are made in a laboratory, but still have the same chemical makeup as natural stones.

  The simulants are not real and not considered precious or semi-precious as they are basically fake. When you look at simulants, you will be seeing diamonds, rubies and emeralds more than anything else. So, no simulant should ever cost what the real thing costs. Keep in mind that truly natural gemstones are becoming increasingly rare. If you really like gemstone jewelry, then you are certainly not alone. If you study the history of gems throughout the ages, you will see how deeply interwoven they have been in the lives of all people. If you are inclined to like and wear jewelry, then you know what you like because it is all personal preference. Semi-precious stones have an allure all their own, and you should not ignore them.