How To Balance Any Hot Water System

If you are a plumbing maintenance person or work in the HVAC department of any large commercial building you probably get numerous requests from departments that say they do not have enough hot water at their sink or fixture.

One of the most over looked item most plumbing maintenance department’s overlook, is the circuit setter valve. You must include a preventive maintenance program for all your balancing valves, circuit setters.

On hot water systems, solar systems, and numerous other systems, circuit setters are installed and engineered to flow at a certain amount of gallons per minute to allow for proper uniform temperature.

Because the ports on the balancing valves are small and often the valve will plug up making the device useless, the need for a good preventive maintenance program on these valves is very critical to properly regulating the heat throughout the building.

For any home owner who has a solar system installed in your home you may have a circuit setter or balancing valve located somewhere on your hot water side of the system. Maintaining this valve and insuring it is not plugged up is very critical to the operation of the system. If your solar system is no longer getting hot I suggest you feel the valve with your hand (carefully) to insure that it is hot. If it is not hot and should be hot this simply valve is probably your cause for getting cold water.

Most new buildings do not install valves to isolate the balancing valve because of costs to build. You the maintenance plumber need to be aware of this problem and begin to install isolating valves as soon as you can get the budget to do so.

Having to shut down a wing to a hospital or shut down production to a production plant will be very costly.

By making the time to locate all balancing valve’s and adjust for proper  flow rates per specifications, you will maintain your building and save thousands of dollars for your employer.

Purchase a flow meter, learn how to use it and install isolating valves to each and every circuit setter is a must for a well run maintenance plumbing department.

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