How to be on Time for Every Appointment

Being on time for every appointment shows character and class and is something everybody should be trying  to achieve.  There are many ways to achieve punctuality and therefore learn to be on time.  A great man once said that if you are on time, you are late!  This article will give a few pointers on how to be on time for every appointment.

1)  Know the best route to take to the appointment!  If this is a place that you have never been to before, drive a few practice runs and by using Mapquest and other online map sites, learn which way is faster.  This may seem silly, but walking into an appointment is very sloppy and choosing silly over sloppy may be the best option.

2)  Leave in plenty of time to get there!  Many people leave at the last minute for everything and are late many times, because the roads may not always be without cars or without problems.  If you have an appointment at 10:00 and you are 15 minutes away, leave at 9:15.  That may seem crazy arriving 30 minutes early, but last minute rushing could lead to arriving late and sometimes may even lead to a car accident.  Leave in plenty of time to get where you need to go.

3)  Set your watch a few minutes fast!  If you have an appointment at 10:00 and your watch says 9:30, but it is really only 9:15, you will leave thinking you are cutting it too close and arrive in plenty of time.

4)  Use a detailed planner!  When somebody tells you about an appointment and you fail to write it down, this can be dangerous and you may forget and miss the appointment or arrive late when remembering at the last minute.  At the beginning of each day, have a 3×5 card with the day’s activities on it and be organized about it.  Punctuality costs a little time in setting up a detailed planner to organize your agenda, but in the end, punctuality pays off.

Being on time for every appointment is something many people lack!  Using these few steps may help your character and class develop by not just being punctual, but even being a little bit early!