How to be prepared for a Driver Improvement Class

clock-time_Thumb.jpg Be on Time

How can you make this time as good as possible? The first step is something some people seem to overlook. Be presentable. Have good body hygiene. You will most likely be in a classroom setting and there will be people sitting nearby, and nobody needs to be sitting beside a person who didn’t even take the time to brush his teeth or comb their hair. Another obvious thing to start off on the right foot is to BE ON TIME! Nothing can set the wrong temperature for a class session when you just meander in late. Driving Improvement Classes are to be taken seriously, and you can be sure the Instructor is watching you and gauging whether or not you are just doing your time, or doing good time in the class.

  money_Thumb.jpg Bring your money

You will need to bring a few things along with you. You will need to have your money of course. Check ahead with the school you will be attending to see what forms of monies they accept. Some may take debit cards, some may not. Some require cash only. Some will take personal checks. It is up to you to find this out ahead of time when you call the Driving School to enroll in your class. Turn off your phone or pager as soon as you enter the classroom. Nothing is more intrusive or aggravating than for someone’s phone or pager to go off. You are not in this class to text, or talk to your friends on the phone. You are here to learn what the laws and rules of the road are that pertain to your state. The average student is here because of traffic tickets and minor car accidents. 

  inkpenandpaper_Thumb.jpg Notebook paper and Inkpen

 When you have called to set up your classroom time, I’m sure you will be told to bring a blue or black ink pen and a notebook to take notes. Bring them! You may have to do alot of writing. When a student shows up unprepared then I realize they are not here to learn from their experience, they really don’t care, and that attitude could make for a failing grade in the classroom. This is about education or re-evaluating traffic skills and laws. Please keep in mind, it is not the Instructor’s fault you are in this class, it was the consequences of your actions. He or she will be as professional as they can be, and a cooperative spirit from you, will go a long way in making this class as interesting as possible. Believe it or not, instructors and teachers do get tired of talking sometimes, and if they ask you a question, they are not doing it to point you out. They may have sensed you are the person in the class who has a story to tell. This is not an AA meeting and you do not have to stand up and say why you are there. A good instructor doesn’t ask you, but if you have a good story to tell, then by all means speak up if the instructor asks does anyone have anything they want to talk about. Please remember not to monopolize the conversation, you may end up dragging out the classroom session into a longer session. Know when to stop talking. Do not talk amongst yourselves when the Instructor is speaking. This is disrespectful and rude. Generally speaking, Teachers like if you ask questions, just not too many. We instructors are also having to learn new traffic laws and violations to stay certified.

  driverimprovementcertificate_Thumb.jpg Certificate

You can expect to have a break midway during the classroom session. Get up and stretch, go get something to drink or eat if there is a place nearby that you get to and back in time. Remember whatever amount of time the Instructor sets for break time, is the time you need to be back. If you are late, you will hold up the entire class. This will not make the others in the classroom amicable towards you! Take notes, write as much as you can, because you will have tests that need to be passed satisfactorily. There will be traffic law questions on your tests. Most instructors allow you to use your notes for the tests. This shows you have been taking responsibility of your time while you were there. You can expect to be shown some videos also. This is not nap time. Sleep later, after class, not in the class. Do not make the instructor a drill sergeant, they are eager for you to learn and pass and have a good experience too. At the end of the session, and everything is graded, and all the paperwork has been filled out. You will probably receive a certificate proving that you attended and passed your class. Always remember though, when you are dealing with the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) there will be much paperwork to fill out in the beginning of the class. It will be done then, so the instructor can manage your paperwork during your break. Most likely the instructor does not take an actual break, they are catching up on your paperwork to have things organized and prepared for you so at the end of the session, they can give you your certificate. Remember, go in with a good attitude, and make the best of the hours you are there, and who knows, you may even have a good experience. I’ve had many students who have. Lastly, you can avoid the whole classroom experience and take the course on-line if your state offers it. Most people seem to prefer the classroom setting. But many students now use their computers to go online and read the lessons, but still have to come to a classroom and physically be tested.