How to beat Crasher Wake at Pokémon D/P

In this guide, I’ll show you how to beat Crasher Wake. First, let’s look to his Pokémon:


Level 27



Level 27



Level 30


As you can see, his Pokémon are water Pokémon, so his weakness is Electric and Grass. But, if you only use Grass or worse, Electric, you wouldn’t get this job easy done.

Gyarados is a very strong Pokémon. He is water, but because of its flying type, he is not weak against grass attacks, but he has a very big weakness. His very big weakness is Electric. It would take him out in one or two hits, since he is 4X weak against electric. HE has an other weakness, Rock. A Non-rock Pokémon with a Rock attack would also help. I warn you, Gyarados is very strong and quite fast.

Next, we have Quagsire. Electric wouldn’t work against him, because he is part Ground a Ground Pokémon are immune to electric attacks. Quagsire also has a big weakness and that’s Grass, his only and very big weakness. He’s is very good in defence, so use you’re strongest Pokémon or grass attacks against Quagsire.

Next and last, Floatzel. Floatzel hasn’t a dual type, so his weaknesses are Grass and Electric. He’s very fast and strong, but his defence is poor. You can beat him with a Pokémon who is strong and can take a hit. Floatzel isn’t too difficult if you have the right Pokémon.

Many luck!