How to Become A Catholic

Becoming a Catholic may be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.  There are several steps you must take in order to become a Catholic.  In preparation, you could start to do some reading on your own time.  The Internet may be a helpful source for obtaining information about the Catholic faith. 

 First, consult a local parish priest and arrange an initial meeting.  The priest will probably discuss in great length your desire to become a Catholic.  You will be instructed on what you need to do in order to begin the process.  Much of the knowledge you will gain will be from Catholic text books.

 Normally, you will have to study a great deal and attend a set number of religion instructions.  In addition, you will first be baptized a Catholic, followed by Confirmation.  Even if you have previously been baptized; the Catholic Church commands that you are baptized a Catholic.  Any prior baptism serves little to no significance. 

 Finally, you can complete the process of becoming a Catholic within about 6 months.  Once you receive the sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation you are then considered a true Catholic.  The rest is up to you.  You must life your life each and every day as a true Catholic and Christian.    

 You will probably discover that the Catholic faith is really not a great deal different from many of the other non-Catholic denominations.  The Episcopalian and Lutheran faiths are very similar to Catholic.  You may try visiting a Catholic goods store for books and prayers related to the Catholic religion.