How to Benefit with Plants in your Home


The Benefits of these living beings are dispensable for our health, our State of mind and, in general, to maintain a quality of life of a simple and natural way.The flowers and plants to decorate our houses are not only to make them more beautiful. Their physical and chemical properties bring many advantages. But to enjoy them, the first thing we do is include them in our home.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Have a plant
  • take care of it every day
  1. Step 1 images.jpgphotsynthsis_Thumb.jpg

    The usual cycle of photosynthesis is carried out in the morning, they take advantage of the sunlight for such activity. But there are other groups of plants belonging to hot environments that reversed the order and it carried out at night.

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    Renew the air quality
    Main activities making plants are the air filtration from a vital process called photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is absorbed and transformed into oxygen, will be again, expelled abroad, thus renewing the air quality.

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    Plants humidified environment- A plant increases the humidity in the air. this benefits us because it helps to keep our mucous membranes, throat and skin well hydration. It also prevents feeling other evils arising from a dry environment such as cough or sore skin.

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    Clean the atmosphere
    Are a natural remedy against the pollution: absorb noxious gases and chemicals particles such as smoke, ( also existing in cigarettes) benzene or (spray glue) These pollutants are processed by a bacteria found in the root. To achieve tangible, results. it is necessary to do with a group of different species.

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    Removed the smoke, micro-organisms pathogenic, volatile… and captures the dust, reducing its presence in the air up to 20%.

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    Reduce the noise
    Particularly in enclosed places and with hard floors, although this acoustic alteration feels more when the frequency of the sound is very high.

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    Improve morale and welfare
    Have plants at home has a positive Physiological and feeling affects.

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    Reducing your stress you relax, your encourage.
    increases the level of concentration and understanding, feeling such as the anger of fear. Moreover, is proven that a patient recovers faster and better in the presence of flowers and plants.

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    Inclusion in our lives influences both and so positively that companies are entering them in their workplace to take advantage of its benefits.

  10. Step 10 plantasypersonas_Thumb.jpg

    Psychologically proved to be an absolutely healthy and natural stimulant of them have derived the wellness center and aroma therapy, techniques that ratify that the influence of flavorings and colors.