How to Book a Room at the Ice Hotel in Sweden

some information about the ICEHOTEL taken from their front page

ICEHOTEL is the best experience in Sweden. This according to French, German, British, Dutch and Italian tour operators who rewarded ICEHOTEL with the “Best Experience in Sweden” award on 23 October. “We are very pleased and honored to receive this award. We have worked hard to create inspiring and unique experiences with the Torne River and Jukkasjärvi as basis, and will continue to do so many years to come.

How do I get to the Ice Hotel?

Many roads lead to ICEHOTEL. Although ICEHOTEL does not offer any transport (except for transfer) here are some good tips on how to get here. ICEHOTEL is located in a small village 200 km above the Arctic Circle but only 15 km from Kiruna airport and 17 km from Kiruna train station. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) offers almost daily flights to Kiruna and the Swedish train company SJ has daily departures that will take you all the way to the ski slopes in Swedish Lapland.

London Heathrow Airport has come up with a direct flights package to Kiruna, Switzerland. As part of package deals to ICEHOTEL, you can take a 3.5 hour flight directly to the arctic winter wonderland.

Booking a room hot or cold accomodations or both:

Choose between rooms made of ice and snow or warm hotel rooms in Scandinavian design. The ideal is to combine one cold night in ICEHOTEL with several warm nights in our hotel rooms – in order to fully enjoy the ICEHOTEL experience. You can book online by visiting the website:

or you can call in person: Questions?
Call +46 (0) 980 668 00 or
Phone hours
Monday to Friday:
9 AM to 4 PM
CET (GMT+01:00).

Also keep in mind if you call ask for special promotions. With the weakened economy more and more travelers are receiving deals for booking in advance as well as a possible free night.

What else is available to me while staying @ the ICEHOTEL?

1) Snowmobile excursions – The excursions have been designed to give the guests a somewhat longer outdoor experience, to bring them a deeper understanding of the various activities, and of the lifestyle, culture and history they represent. these can be guided tours or individual tours lasting several hours up to many day excursions.

2) Dog-sledding & Saami activities – Saami being a reindeer based sled ride available from 1.5 hours – 2 days:
Take part in the possibility to drive and handle your own reindeer with sled. This is a genuine and different experience where you really feel the connection between man, animal and nature. You will get to know the Sami culture, the reindeer and encounter the wilderness and the snow clad winter forest.

3) Ice Driving – The ice awaits, engine revving, snow flying. Behind the wheel of a Saab 9-3 Sport Combi you finally get the chance to try out the safety systems in a way you never could on a normal road. You get a fantastic sensation of total control as everything you’ve learned works perfectly.

My personal Favorite 4 – Starlit dinner in wildernesscamp – Visit the Esrange Space Center, the base for scientific research of the Aurora Borealis, also know as the Northern Lights. After a short transfer by minibus to Esrange space base you get a guided tour of the facilities and an introduction to the Northern Lights. The chef then prepares a 3-course wilderness dinner with wine while you look for the Northern Lights with star binoculars.

All in to book your trip place a phone call and request some information on the ICEHOTEL. the hotel operates for 6 – 7 months per calendar year. It is built from scratch year after year and has a specific calendar they adhere to. It changes year after year based on temperature as well as building and supply chain management. If the materials are available it will be erected by January 15th. Call ICEHOTEL for more information.