How to Bring a Toddler For a Walk


Children are born with curiosity.  This curiosity lead them to explore the world.  children learn about their world through exploring it.  Toddlers who have gained the ability to walk, like to use their new walking talent to explore the world.  So learning while is going to e their new activity.  Nobody allows a toddler to walk alone out of the house.  There must be an adult to bring a toddler for a walk.  Here are some tips for an adult who brings a toddler for a walk.

1.  first , the adult must know that, going for a walk is a learning activity for a toddler.

2.  Bring some thing to eat and drink in the middle of the walk.  as they use their saved energy for walking, they need to eat and drink to balance their energy level.

3.  Don’t forget to bring a small bag or basket.  toddlers like to collect things which attract them.  they like to collect dry leaves, sticks and small stones.

4.  Toddlers like to sit and explore when they see anything interesting.  Give the toddler enough time to explore the thing or place.

5.  Toddlers love to see animals and birds.  When you see any bird or animal speak about them with the toddler.  Imitate the sounds of the birds and animals with the toddler.

6.Introduce the people who you meet while walking to the toddler.  Having fear for new people is very normal.  But this fear can be reduced by meeting many people.

7.give enough freedom to the toddler.  Reduce controlling the toddler’s activities.

8.  Speak to the toddler while walking about the things you meet and see.

9.  The distance of the walk should be short but, the time for the walk can be long.  Because they like to stop and spend time with the interesting things they meet while walking.

Be careful. Toddlers with full energy and curiosity never bother about their own security.  So we should give full protection from danger.