How to build your church brand 2

The church Environment; the place of worship

People everywhere want a place that is clean, beautiful and inspiring.

Get an interiors consultant to do a 360 degree transformation of the place of worship. See what improvements in design and ambience that can be done within the limits of our budget.

Divinity meets branding: the experience

In built into all the strategies (people, place, purpose, media, packaging etc) must be the authentic divine experience.

Church today has become a commodity, every street corner has a church; it’s on TV, radio, print media everywhere.  However despite the ubiquitous presence of church every where people are still searching for the true experience of GOD

Whatever it takes, the church must integrate that presence into all its activities, programs or initiatives. Without this experience people will have not lasting impression of the brand.

It is the experience in worship, prayer, the word, healing, counseling, miracles, salvation, deliverance that brings through authenticity to a brand its what creates the buzz, its what makes a brand stand out in a crowed marketplace.

The People

Empower the people; add value

Whether you are helping your people Start a businesses, get a job or secure a scholarship or admission in university; empowering people is the most potent form of advertising of the impact the church can have on some one life apart from salvation and deliverance.

A church whose members are empowered will not have problems with raising funds or getting people engaged in projects or church activities. You will engender loyalty and respect as well as generate enthusiasm and excitement within and outside your congregation.

Send weekly text messages to members and others with scripture, a word a quote a reminder a message anything that can motivate and add excitement/value to people’s lives.

Follow-up strategy

The vision of the church must be about people. Ministry marketing or church branding is about reaching people, not just about promoting programs.

Put in place a systematic follow-up structure e.g.

  • Two hours after service a new person receives a text message
  • Before the end of the day the person receives a physical visit.

Evaluate your follow up ministry. An easy way to do that is to take the names of the people who have come and visited for the last four weeks and to follow them up, give them a call, give them a visit, or send them a note or email to make sure they have been contacted in some way.

Engage the people (platform for expression)

Engage people using the diverse ministry units and structures available to help them utilize their gifts, talents and potentials effectively.

Use the church as a platform to engage the best minds and hearts in society to contribute to the growth of your people and the actualization of the vision.

Build a Corporate Culture

  • Emphasize the spirit of Togetherness, brotherhood, unity, care. Utilize the power of fellowships to strengthen bonds
  • People have urges to belong, make meaning, feel secure, have order within chaos and create identity. Brands are providing more opportunities for “self-actualizationâ€. Brands that engender trust, create a feeling of community, and support personal growth are in a good position to deepen relationships.