How to Build Your On Line Reputation

                                                                                   How to Build Your On Line Reputation

You may think that the very idea of building on line reputation is simply ridiculous, because, the web world is too large to comprehend and you are just a pin in the hay-stock.But when you consider your role as a writer, your role is somewhat limited and you are one among the hundreds or thousands of writers on line.

As a writer you may have your own web site or blog or you may be writing in a number of get to paid writing web sites. Always you need to assess the standard and quality of your writing which is necessary to improve your writing by shedding your drawbacks and to have a steady progress as a writer. Periodical self-analysis will always help you to assess your progress as a writer. After all you write to be read by others. Hence as a writer you always depend upon others to get your articles read by others and in turn get commented, criticized, besides providing you the chance to earn more.

Whether you are writing part time or full time, building your on line reputation is a must to build your writing career. Your growth and your earnings as a writer are proportionate to your on line reputation. However, being intangible there is no any parameter or yardstick to measure your on line reputation. But there are specific ways and means to build your on line reputation.

Read widely and voraciously:

The first and foremost step is to equip your self as a writer. If you have a flair for writing, you must write regularly, for which you should become a voracious reader of many books, on line materials and reference sources. Regular reading of many books not only helps you to refine your knowledge but also find your niche areas. Even if you become a busy writer, you should devote specific time for reading, which enriches and updates your knowledge that will naturally reflect in your writing whether it be fiction and non-fiction. The moment you stop regular reading, your writing will become obsolete, monotonous, lacking in variety and in depth knowledge. Very soon, the on line writing world that hailed you as an expert and reputed writer will have no hesitation in branding you as a spammer.

Build your friendship with on line writers:

An on line writer should always on the look out to build his friendship with his fellow writers and thereby expand his friends network. However, in the beginning it may not be easy. At first you may build your friends’ net work with your fellow country men quite easily and then gradually spread your tentacles of friendship to others. You must read the articles written by others as much as possible, besides making your comments. The concerned writers in turn may reciprocate and read your articles. Thus building your friends’ network on line is the sine qua non in building your on line reputation. Becoming a member in the popular social networking sites such as face book, twitter, stumble upon, delicious, reddit, digg etc will help you to share your writings with your friends’ network and establish your credibility as an on line writer.

Write in as many sites as possible:

Do not confine your writing with a single site. Sign up in as many writing sites as possible that suit your writing style and niche areas. By writing in a number of sites, you will have more exposure to different writing styles and different revenue sharing methods that boost your confidence to tackle any type of writing assignment making you a complete writer in the process.

Pay more attention to your time management:

When you are a novice, you may not have any difficulty in managing your time since your writing and friends’ net work is limited. As you grow as a writer and your friends’ net work expands and as your writing portfolio becomes wider and prominent you may find it quite difficult to manage them. Hence, you should know the essentials of time management and manage your available time rather wisely in such a way that you allot fixed time for reading, writing and keeping in touch with your friends’ net work etc.

By following the above mentioned methods, by virtue your steady and sustained hard work, you can see that your on line reputation gradually grows, which means that you have more recognition, your on line presence is more felt and your writing brand and style enjoys more preference When your on line reputation grows, you can see that your articles have more views, more comments and your on line income steadily soars.