How to Buy a Football Helmet From Your College Team

Step 1

I’ve seen those little collectable helmets for college and NFL teams

2.gif and just can’t seem to commit to a souvenir like that. I currently have 8 full size helmets from some of my favorite college teams.

What happens to helmets is that some helmets are deemed no longer fit for play because of cracks or just because the team is using a newer model helmet. So that means that the old “shells” as they’re called are no longer of any use to the team. These “shells” are no longer an asset to the team but rather a burden. Selling these helmets goes on more than most people know.

Step 2

Usually getting one of these helmets is relatively easy. You can usually contact the athletic department and ask for their head equipment guy and ask for a helmet with decals on it. They’re usually pretty busy so call in the middle of the week. The start and end of the week is usually busier for them. Now the price will vary depending on the school. You’re more likely to be successful if you go in person.

Step 3

If that step is unsuccessful try contacting the alumni association and letting them know that you would like a helmet for your friend who is alum or someone else that went to that school. They are more likely to help you if you’re from that school or connected to that school.