How to Buy Jewelry For Your Lady – Part 1

Shopping for a girlfriend or wife can be difficult. You want to give her something nice, but don’t want the wrong impression to come across, or to get her something she doesn’t like. One of the best ways to do this is colored gemstone jewelry.

Your first step should be to find a good jewelry store. You’ll often find better deals in chain stores, but more unique pieces in small businesses. Either way, check multiple stores before you decide! Some questions to ask yourself when shopping: What is her birthstone? What is her favorite color? Does she prefer white or yellow gold? Is she gentle or rough with jewelry? The answers to these questions might help you narrow down your choices in gemstones. For example, an August birthday would mean that the bright green gemstone peridot is her birthstone. Her favorite color being yellow could suggest citrine.

If she’s rough with her jewelry, you’ll want to avoid opals, since they are very soft. Someone with a small frame should have smaller, more delicate jewelry. A larger woman can wear larger jewelry. Something to keep in mind with some birthstones, especially peridot and citrine which are bright green and yellow, is that the person receiving them may not like the color. With those stones, most people go one way or the other, they either love it or they hate it. Some stones look better in white or yellow gold, also. Yellow stones, for example, compliment yellow gold well. White gold makes blue stones look amazing.

Does she have a lot of these things already? There’s always something new to catch eyes. Lab created alexandrite is still uncommon in most jewelry boxes. These stones are genuine, lab-grown stones that change colors from reds to blues or greens when they go from incandescent to fluorescent lighting. A new fad happening right now is mystic green topaz. This is topaz that is treated so that the facets of the stone reflect different colors.

If money is a factor for you, don’t shy away from jewelry right away! Some stones cost much less than others. Quartz stones like amethyst and citrine are very inexpensive, as is blue topaz. Ruby, sapphire, and emerald will cost more. If the store you’re in doesn’t have exactly what you want, sometimes they can place special orders. This is more likely to be an option in a smaller, independently owned store. If a certain ring in stock is perfect, but doesn’t have the stone you want, you can usually get the one you want-make sure you give the store enough time to get the jewelry you’re ordering in!

If you keep all of this in mind, then you should be able to find a unique, personal gift for that special girl in your life