How To Buy Youth Baseball Cleats

You may be thinking that the more expensive or better cleats won’t make a difference at all to your kid’s game, your wrong. Cleats can help your child grip better to the baseball surface. Cleats can also make your children more comfortable whilst walking in cleats if they are  good quality, which you want to have. Cleats can also make your children have the extra advantage to steal the  next base if there light, comfortable and easy to walk in. 


Of course there is also a budget in mind when you’re buying cleats, after all youth baseball is just a game, and you don’t want to break the bank just to get a cleat that’s a tiny bit better than the one that’s a lot cheaper. A good guide to go with is to buy the mid range price cleats; they will be of good quality, and you won’t necessarily break your bank for your child. The cheap cleats are not a good choice either as they may be cheaper, but in the long run they probably won’t last as long, and they are not made with as good quality as the more expensive ones which are also generally more comfy. Expensive cleats are not the way to go either as they are only marginally better than the mid range ones. It’s hard to justify $100+ youth baseball cleats when you’re buying your child top of the line cleats, as their feet also grow fast, and in 1-2 years you’re going to need to buy another pair.


In the end, buying those professional cleats will marginally  improve your child’s game. Money could be  better spent  on training or camps, to see if your child has the passion for baseball first.   Buying the lower range cleats will also do no favor, as they can be cheaply made, and not comfortable for your kid, which may turn your child off, or not realize his/her full potential. When thinking about buying baseball cleats next, buy ones that your child likes, in the middle price range.

Youth baseball cleats and other related youth baseball information at Youth Baseball Parks Lawrence Peter is published author and passionate fan of baseball