How to Care For Shade Plants

There are basic needs for the success of the growth of shade plants should know and remember the pot and the soil good and proper irrigation and proper enough light and fresh air, temperature and humidity are all important factors that must be observed that treats each plant according to requirements …

 The increase in irrigation water for example, or direct sunlight and the increase in fertilizer can all cause damage to the plant. And must always remember that there is a rest period of the plant be in the winter where do not need plant only a few of the water and fertilizer, and there is a need to increase attention to plants where and are my classes grow any in the spring, summer and autumn should be a day that embody the soil and must be monitored securities to observe the patient and treatment formed leaves indicates whether the plant in good health or that its impurities may be caused by lack of adequate irrigation or increase in irrigation or light is not appropriate or not enough moisture.

The following are the most important guidance on good soil to plant shade and the appropriate vessel and the needs of the plant from light lorry and temperature and moisture and feed fertilizer.

Types of soil suitable for shade plants in home

Of the most important conditions that must be taken into account in order to grow a plant shade are a good use of soil with certain specifications the soil taken from gardens and fields are not suitable for cultivation of the shadows of the houses may contain pests and pathogens that multiply in the conditions of warmth inside the house and keep this land within the shadows of the houses needs to the soil of certain properties The following three types of soil to plant shade.

    * Soil Compost

The basis of grass and leaves dry buried in the ground to rot and then taken and mixed with amounts of silt, sand, and by a simple lime and fertilizer consisting of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium and can be purchased soil compost from nurseries or stores that sell seeds and fertilizer plant shade and the soil better for gardening.

    * Soil, peat moss

The basis of peat moss and the artificial soil imported sold in nurseries and stores that sell supplies for shade plants is the soil peat moss is the most suitable soil types for the shade plants it may advantages over compost as it is lighter, cleaner and facilitate the process of food for the plant is House Moss the best soil for Amelctalat new and when you move the seedlings to jars, the largest soil-based peat moss works on plant growth in the best form as the plant does not like to change the quality of the soil.

    * Soil blending

This third type of soil can be prepared from equal amounts to each of:

1. The amount of silt from farmland.

2. The amount of peat moss.

3. The amount of sand component of manure fertilizer phosphate and potassium.

Note: take into account when preparing the soil to ensure the absence of silt and sand from insects and worms.

Types of jars shade plants

There are various types of pots for growing plants shade in homes mismatch pottery, plastics, including fiberglass or basins of marble, for example, but in all cases must be considered to be the vessel by the exchange well water was to be a hole or several small holes in the bottom If you wish to use jars of copper or silver or Chinese or otherwise, which takes the visual quality of decorative plant should be planted in a container or plastic tags pottery exchange good and then placed inside the vessel desired.

Another way to use the copper pots and basins of marble, which is not to divert from the bottom that is placed a layer of gravel then a layer of coal at the bottom to help filtration and drainage of excess water before placing the soil, but in this case to be irrigation very carefully so not to water over the need for diuretic antiseptic or less, thus causing thirst and plant death.

And taken into account when agriculture in pottery jars that when you move the plant to be the largest vessel of the same type use any vessel larger than the pottery, as well as in the case of the plastic. If you wish to change the type of vessel must be observed to change the way of irrigation.

Proper lighting for shade plant

Need plants with green leaves usually to the brightly lit but without exposure to direct sunlight the plants flowered setting calls usually to some of the direct sunlight The cactus is a plant that needs to a strong light, and more from the rest of the species, the dark places and a few lighting rarely live where The plant foliar plant where syphilis is not at all.

Plants and placed next to windows from the inside tend its branches and leaves about the window in terms of lighting and light and to avoid and you must wrap the pot from time to time so as not to look Ghusun retort with a note not to wrap the pot if the plant flowered in the growth phase.

Plants should be placed next to windows in the winter, it affects the transmission of light on plants not taking into account the windows leak air currents in the direction of the plant.

If you replace the place of the plant from place unlit to place less lighting live plants but will not grow. Most houseplants should be withheld from the light of the midday sun Alambeshrpaldu industrial: If the location of the plant dark can use artificial lighting and is known as the Balaspot Lite Spot-lights with the use of bulbs Neon is the best as the regular bulbs may burn the leaves of the plant.

Ri shade plants

Roots need both water and air so it must be fragile soil and the dew, but not soaked with water, provided that the irrigation mines in the early morning or after sunset, and irrigation should not be at all during the afternoon .. Some plants need soil to dry between irrigations and some need to be always moist soil, but all plants need a rest period during the winter means that the irrigation be spaced at intervals.

For cactus soil should be kept almost dry in winter.

 Most of the plants would need to be paper-based soil from dry to wet irrigation must constantly from spring to autumn but in winter she does the soil to dry before irrigation .. So dry the soil surface is very important between October and March and is a rest period for plant growth.

Most of the flowering plants you need to wet the soil all the time, but are not wet because the large number of water affect the roots rot.
Fertilizer plant, which feeds the shadow:

Typically contain soil flora of the shadow of Home on the amount of fertilizer that is located mainly in the soil and during the first months of Agriculture absorbs plant this compost so you must add the amount of fertilizer once a week to irrigation water, especially that the amount of irrigation to increase in the spring, until the autumn and is the period of plant growth and prosperity must also stop feeding and manure in the winter.