How to Care for Your Dogs in The Summer Months


STEP 1: It’s important to give your dogs plenty of exercise, but you want to make sure you do it at the best possible times so that they don’t get overheated while they’re outside. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of room inside your house for your dogs to play, then great. Otherwise, if you play with them outside it’s best to pick the early morning or evening hours when it is the coolest.

STEP 2: When walking or taking your dogs somewhere keep in mind that asphalt can be very hot during the day and it can burn their paws so try to keep them on the grass or pick them up so you don’t have to hear that sad, little wimper!

STEP 3: If you take your dogs with you in the car make sure you don’t have any errands where you have to leave them inside with the engine off. Running through a drive-thru at the bank or a fast-food restaurant is fine as long as you stay in the car with the air conditioner on. Otherwise, it’s best to leave your pets at home if you have to run inside a store because it can quickly get unbearably hot for them in a matter of minutes.

STEP 4: While you’re outside try to find some nice shade for your dogs to lay in when it gets too hot. Not to mention that they’d love to have a water hose close by so you could easily cool them off.

STEP 5: Make sure to always have fresh (and if possible cold) water available so that they don’t become dehydrated. Our bodies (humans and animals) are made up almost entirely of water so this is especially important for you to remember. It’s easy for us to rush to the kitchen to get a drink of water when we’re thirsty, but our poor, sweet animals have to rely on us to remember to keep them well-hydrated!