How to Choose a Coffee Travel Mug

Style/Color: Get a mug that suits your style. Most mugs are the basic silver and black, while some are sports-oriented, and others are covered in a brand name or slogan. Other mugs are less traditional bright plasitc colors such as pink or blue. Search through as many as you can to find the perfect one.

Grip/Handle: Some mugs have grips so you can quickly and more easily recharge your coffee cells. Others give you a handle to wrap your hand around and drink your coffee all the way down. Determine which type of handle best suits your style.

Size: The most common sizes range from 8 oz. through 24 oz. Ask yourself how much coffee you’ll be drinking with the travel mug. For those who will only be a drinking small amounts or espresso a smaller coffee mug might work just fine. For those who drink large amounts of coffee, a large one is a ncessity. But doo you want to lug a huge mug around, and will it fit in the spaces you want to put it? Whether you want a big or small one, they’re waiting for you.

Tip: Shop online, and read product reviews to not only find the best mugs, but be aware of any problems others have had.

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