How to Choose a Dr. For Lower Back Pain. Pickerington Ohio

How do I know which Dr. to see for my Lower Back Pain? Dr. Jack Kohl of Reynoldsburg Chiropractic Center answers your questions concerning Lower Back Pain in Pickerington, Pataskala and Reynoldsburg Ohio.

Hello, I am Dr. Jack Kohl of Reynoldsburg Chiropractic Center and we are here to help you get the answers you need. A question many people ask me is How do I know which Doctor to go to for my lower back pain?

I recently came across an article that was published in Consumer Reports, everyone has heard of Consumer Reports. We get it at home, we read it to find the best products for our house. In this survey, they had a survey in which they surveyed 14,000 people for lower back pain in particular and what treatments they felt worked out the best.

They asked their readers, between Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Specialty Physicians and Primary Care Doctors how satisfied were they with the care that they got. And that could mean a variety of things;

How comfortable they felt with the staff, the doctor… it also of course included how satisfied were they with their care. Did the treatment they get help them feel better? What I like about this study and what is interesting is…the patient satisfaction that was the highest was with Chiropractors.

59 percent satisfied with Chiropractors, Physical Therapists were 55 percent, Acupuncturists were 53 percent, Specialty Physicians were at 44 percent and Primary Care Doctors were at 34 percent.

So if you have never seen a Chiropractor before and you are not sure if you should or you are skeptical or you are looking for different opinions…we often look to Consumer Reports for what products should we buy.

This study here goes a long way in showing that there are thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of people across the country that go to see Chiropractors everyday and they are very satisfied with the care that they receive from those Doctors.