How to chose the right haircut for your face shape.

When you are getting a haircut, it’s always best to consider your face shape before you go for the chop. You may like a certain style, but what looks great on someone else might not work on you.

Long face. Go for a fringe, either blunt or sweeping to disguise a high forehead. Opt for a shoulder length or chin length style. Avoid styles that are too long, as this will drag your entire face down and emphasis its length.

Round face. Feathery layers that come down on the face can make a round face look slimmer. Avoid flat, one length cuts as these can make your face seem wider.

Square face. Go for graduated layers, soft curls (not tight curls, these will make your jaw seem much wider). Avoid blunt cuts as these will only make your face look harsh.

Try an off centre parting as this will soften the look.

Heart shapes face. Try a chin length layered bob that you can flick out at the bottom. Or go for layers and flick the lower ones out to give the illusion of width.

Oval. The most balanced face, this face will suit most styles.