How to Close a Tcp Port for Security in Windows Xp

There are many ways a computer hacker gets to your computer. One of those ways is through a TCP port in Windows XP or Windows server 2003. The TCP port is used by a tool called telnet that is used for accessing one computer from another over a network.
The type of information that a hacker can access once in your computer can range from your banking information to which websites you view or shop from. It is very important to familiarize yourself with some of the vulnerable areas of your computer.
Most users will not use the telnet service and therefore can close it without any adverse affects but please always keep in mind that if you have some software that you installed after you bought your computer you need to check which resources it needs to operate.
Step 1

In Windows XP professioanl or Windows Server 2003 click START, right-click MY COMPUTER, and click MANAGE.

Step 2

Double-click SERVICES AND APPLICATIONS in the left pane in the tree.

Step 3

Click SERVICES in the tree in the left pane.

Step 4

Find and double-click the TELNET service in the right pane. Is the service stoped or started (check the service status?)If the service is started click the STOP button.Click OKClose the computer management window.

Run advirus programs regulary and always have a firewall

Do not terminate any service whose function you are unsure about.

Always make sure that you have administrator access to make changes before you modify anything on your computer at work or school.