How to Come up With Topics For 10 Articles a Day

How can you, the new article writer, come up with enough ideas to create 10 articles a day? How do you generate them so that they are of a great quality and will earn you monetary gain?

I mean, seriously, you don’t want to just publish any old thing. You need to work on your articles and make them good if not great. So, what are you to do?

Start with a list

Yep, that is right. Start out by creating a list of things that you know about. I have a friend who thought she couldn’t do this and then I pointed out that she just went through some major life changes, learned a new skill, knows a lot about writing and publishing, and the list went on for her. She hopefully will be signing up and getting started writing her own articles soon.

It really is that simple to create a list of the things you know about and use those to get you started.

Topic Expansion

With your list in hand, look over your topics. I have several that springboard around the same topic of sewing. Is there a way for you to do the same with some of your topics? Can you take the topic and make it into several shorter articles instead of one long article? Always, always be thinking in terms of this when you start any new topic for an article.

If you can create several articles around the same topic, you just might have 3 or 4 articles out of the way in no time.

Other ways to find topics

Think about the things that catch your eye when you are reading through the internet, newspaper, or magazines. Could you expand any of those into a well researched article for your site?

What about movies or books you have recently seen or read? Could you expand that into a decent review?

Do you have a great family recipe that everyone raves over? Turn it into an article.

Write a review on a product you recently purchased and why you made the choice you did.

Keeping Track of Ideas

Keep a notebook handy for ideas that come to you. If you don’t want to fully wake up at night, how about getting a recorder to remember those ideas that popped into your slumber.

You might want to set up a folder in your documents on your computer and as you finish a new article save it in word pad so that it is easily transferable when you get ready to publish it. I do this and as I publish I delete it from the folder so I won’t forget I already used that idea. This also gives you time to take pictures for your article or search them out via the Internet to include.