How to completely destroy computer viruses and spyware for free

I even managed to remove some really stubborn ones that affected my registry to the point of almost damaging the system. The great thing is that I didn’t spend any money on antiviruses or antispyware.

Sometimes we need to be persistent in life. When experts tell us  there’s nothing else we can do other than format our hard drive, we must ignore them. Before taking this step it’s important to try HARD to remove the malware even if it takes 3/4 days. I’m sure they know more than I do but you must remember that they have to assist many people with similar problems and it can become quite tiresome to give step by step instructions to everyone.
These tips will work in most cases:
1-Try to restore your PC to an earlier date.
2– Download Superantispyware- Run 2 full scans in safe mode without networking.
The first scan in order to know if system restore managed to solve the problem or if you’ve still got company.
If after running the scan it tells you your computer is clean you need to make sure other softwares will tell you the same.
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I advise you to run :malwarebytes antimalware,spy bot search and destroy,cc-cleaner (cc cleaner cleans your registry as well as cookies and temporary files. don’t forget to backup your registry before proceeding) and try Free online scans like: fsecureonline and/or Panda and/or Bit-defender online scanner (I don’t recommend Kaspersky because it won’t remove the infections for free).
If the computer is still infected after running these scans, you oughta make sure it’s not for long. Be patient and run superantispyware again.
If it’s still infected run for the second time some or all the softwares mentioned above.
After that your computer should be super clean.
If not, KICK the goddamn machine,throw it out of the window.Lol. No, don’t do that.
Instead download an extremely powerful software that will kill every single monster infecting your beautiful machine called:combo-fix. WARNING: Follow the instructions carefully otherwise you’ll damage your PC.
After that, run some scans just to make sure they’re all gone…and now for sure you’ll computer will be clean again.
Remember:You need to be persistent.