How to Connect a Lanyard to an Iphone


A lanyard can be a great way to keep from losing your iPhone. Some might find hanging an iPhone around their neck a cool fashion statement while others might simply enjoy the functionality of easy access to their iPhone. Whatever your reason for needing an iPhone lanyard, you can with some help from a special case have a lanyard hanging iPhone.

Unfortunately iPhones made by Apple computers lack a built in lanyard port. Which means you can not directly connect a lanyard to an iPhone. Fortunately there is a fix for this allowing you to wear an iPhone adorned lanyard.

Third party companies design a wide range of durable and stylish iPhone cases. The primary role of the cases is to protect the iPhone from drops and shocks. The secondary role of these cases is to add a bit of personal attitude and style to the iPhone. You can use these cases for both iPhones and iPod Touches made by Apple.

Some lanyards come with a small loophole or port. This loophole or port can be used to connect a lanyard. Your first step will be to wipe off the iPhone as you don’t want dust and dirt rubbing up against the iPhone casing. Next you’ll want to slip the iPhone into the protective case per the case’s instructions.

Once the iPhone is safe and secure it’s time to connect the lanyard. If the lanyard has a clip you can snap the clip onto the case loophole and be finished. If there is no lanyard clip you’ll need to run a small portion of the one end through the loophole.

Once you have the portion of lanyard through the loophole, pull it through more and create a large loop with some of the lanyard. Slip the iPhone through the large loop and pull until the loop closes around the case loophole edge.

You can also purchase special lanyard designed cases where the iPhone sits inside a soft cradle and is hung evenly from the lanyard by two cords or cables. Additionally you can also use lanyards with iPod Touch cases.