How to Cook Barbecue Indoors


Firstly, that is illegal in many places because it’s a major fire hazard. Second, it is a health hazard you as these types of grills emit large amounts of carbon monoxide.  Two basic types of indoor grills are available – the open grill and the folding contact grill.

An open grill is practically similar to the electric variant of the wood/gas grill. It give you the outdoor cooking out feel since you occasionally have to turn the meat during cooking. It can even produce flavor that’s closer to the outdoor type.

The folding contact grill, on the other hand, acts practically like a panini press or sandwich maker (like the George Foreman Grill). The advantage to using this type of indoor barbecuing grill is that can cook your food quicker for it cooks both sides simultaneously. Hence, it does not need turning so you will be able to do other things while grilling your food at the same time.

The George Foreman Grill is an example of an electric grill.  It has which has a grill surface that is non-stick, grooved to leave those lovely “grill marks” on the food and a cover which also has the same kind of grooved surface.

Food is cooked by placing it the grill then enclosing it with the cover.  This enables the food to be cooked from both sides simultaneously – cutting the regular grilling time in half. The grill is constructed with a “tilt” toward the front area and a plastic catcher is placed under the forepart so that fat can be separated from the food. This is regarded as its low-fat feature.  Its ease of cleaning is another important feature that makes George grill very saleable.

The George Foreman can cook food more evenly since the surface keeps a constant temperature that’s user friendly.  You will not get hot spots or flare-ups.  Just a general reminder: never use an extension cord with any type of electric grill.  Use an electrical outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter.

The George Foreman Grill has ten variants with prices ranging from $29.00 to $129.00

However, it has always been said that gear is just a single aspect in producing awesome barbecue dishes.  Just take note that making use of an indoor barbecuing grill can remove that smoky flavor, which can only be achieved by using wood or coal, take comfort in the fact that there can be more to barbecue taste than smoky flavor, especially if it’s raining outside and you don’t have a choice but do your barbecue indoors.  The variety of rich, robust flavors that characterize a fine barbecue dish definitely be achieved from a good marinade, dry rub or great-tasting barbecue sauce.