How to Cope when under Pressure

Has responsibility become too much and you feel helpless and unable to do anything about it? Do you feel as if you’ve lost
control of your life and yet, there’s no real joy or happiness?  Or, turning this question the other way around, is the very fact
that you’re so swamped with responsibility making you powerless?

Maybe you don’t want to admit it but when work, commitment and other obligations take over, they make you vulnerable in that
THEY take on the priorities whether or not they’re really good for you. There’s less chance of doing things to suit yourself
when other commitments take over.

Making Changes in Your Life

So how do you change things to make life more satisfying? Well, just through admitting there’s something ‘not quite right’ and
by being willing to take a look at the situation means you could be on your way.

Let’s take another look at the word ‘responsibility’. At the moment you probably see this as work, obligations, burdens and
liabilities. You might feel as if you have the whole world on your shoulders and there may be some loneliness, isolation and
desolation because of it.

But that same word could be used to to change your life around. And this is by changing your outlook in that you go away from here with the idea that YOU are going to take RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR LIFE.

Responsibility now takes on a new meaning. Think of how you might take your life in your own hands and take responsibility for improving on what in the past has caused you hurt and disappointment.

Positive Thinking

You can do it. Tell yourself you can. Ahead of you is the chance to make your life more meaningful rather than leaving such pleasures
for other people to enjoy. You might do the same thing with the word ‘commitment’. Instead of seeing this as all the heavy obligations that are being pressed upon you, why don’t you start by making a commitment with yourself?

It may be that you’re nervous about rocking the boat and changing the routine that your life has become. But if this
routine’s not working for you, why should it continue? You must start to believe in yourself again. Trust in the fact that you
can change your life so that you get more out of it.

New Ways of Looking at the Future

Try to see your future as a blank page with oh so many exciting possibilities. Don’t look upon it as a miserable extension of
what has been in the past. One of the most important commitments you’ll be making today is to ‘leave your future open’.

Be ready to try new pathways, enter new doors and turn your back on what has become an increasing burden to you. It may take some time for I expect you have a lot of changes to make and you must of course do this in a responsible way. But in the right frame of mind, you WILL succeed. Trust and believe in your ability to do so.