How to Create a Book Review?

When you already know the simple facts in creating a book review, then it would be a lot easier than you think it is to create one.  Creating a review about a certain book can be done in details depending on your taste and how you want your viewers to fell what you are trying to imply.

What are the important facts that must be present in creating a book review?

1.  Author of the book – It is important that you should discuss about the author, specially if the author is just new in the field or has just created his first book,  writing about where he lives and what are his degrees  or what inspired him to write the book. Mostly it is the who, what when, where and why about the author.

2.  Quality of the book – This would mean the authenticity, copyright, date published and statement from other sources who already have read the book.  It is important to let your viewers know that this book is no just another  copied content and is worth reading.  But remember to stick your words in a fair manner that it will not sound giving a quality reviews that would result in a marketing fact. 

3.  Support – You have to support your facts, that you have read the book and what it affects you as a reader. What are its themes and thesis.  If you can find any facts about the truthfulness of the book the better.

4.  Sources – If you can research on where the author get his sources, then it would be better if you will include it in your review.

5.  Others – Bibliography, conclusion, comments and suggestion can be done as the last part of you review.  Make sure that it will not sound like selling a book but telling the people what they are reading for.

With those five steps you can create a good book review, although expert writers on book reviews have a lot more to offer but those steps is already worth to begin with.  Even, if your review is to long  but it is no longer accurate it may already be to much that a reader will no longer know what your are saying then it would result in a bad review.  A simple, direct to the point review is good enough because you are not selling the book, rather you are making a review.