How to create a perfect CV part 5

Achievements – (Chronological Style CV)

Now highlight the six major contributions you made to your last employer.  If you completed the career assessment exercise you can use those achievements.  The power words on page 11 in this section should be used.  All achievements should be quantified.

Your last or most relevant position should occupy more space on your CV than any other.  If you have been employed by your last company for some time, but have been promoted several times, treat each job as a separate entry on your CV with a different set of achievements.  If you have six achievements for your last job, have four for the one before.  If, on the other hand you have moved several times in the last ten years, instead of giving equal weight to each, focus on the most relevant positions.

Now consider the second most recent relevant position and summarise your job description, and how you developed it during your time.

Once again, list the major contributions you brought to this position, again highlighting any relevant skills or achievements which may be a benefit to a new employer.

Complete a brief job description and up to three achievements for each of your other periods of employment.

Achievements – (Functional Style CV)

Achievements should still be your main focus if you are producing a functional CV with the difference being that they should be listed within your main skill areas instead of under each role.

Adapting your CV

Depending on your changing circumstances you may wish to replace certain parts of the CV at different stages in your career. Be prepared to edit, re-edit and revise your CV according to the situation.

At different times in your career you will need to use different CVs. At some points in your career you will be selling your potential, at others, your employment history. It will, however, always be your transferable skills that win you the job.

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Quantified Accomplishments

These examples have been selected to provide variety and to illustrate clarity.  You will note that some are quantified and specific, while others are more general.

·        Conceived a new management information services procedure which made vital operation reports available to management the following day instead of at the end of the week.

·        Designed supporting equipment and techniques for a new process that raised product market potential from £5 million to over £20 million per year.

·        Completed transfer of work avoiding gaps in production and with no litigation on other incidents.

·        Settled all old environmental disputes without additional costs and satisfied stringent environmental standards for plant closure.

·        Established goals and objectives to measure manager performance which set groundwork for further promotions.

·        Installed large banking systems with many remote locations – on time, with minimum overtime and within budget.

·        Penetrated new business area utilising a joint venture direct marketing approach that generated over £6 million in new business.

·        Analysed components of a stalled project, designed appropriate solutions; project proceeded with profits realised in record time.

·        Negotiated £80m finance with principal bankers which enabled the group to make an acquisitive bid.

·        Raised £32m in the US Private Placement market in order to repay and reduce reliance on medium term bank finance.

·        Re-negotiated subsidiary borrowing facilities to parent company level to increase flexibility of the group to raise acquisition finance when required.

·        Formulated approach to obtain information from overseas subsidiaries in order to establish and pursue foreign exchange hedging objectives.

·        Facilitated the delivery of new process technology to a value of £150k which increased the capacity of existing plants for personal care liquids by a factor of 3.

·        Created a profit and loss statement, by product, which resulted in dropping 20% of product line that was found to be unprofitable.

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