How to Create More Jobs in The US

It’s tough to create more jobs in this kind of economy. Where most companies are still laying people off. They’re not hiring at all. Even state government is on a hiring freeze. So what can people do to help themselves economically? I think it’s this time that people realized how important it is to save money and to have a network of supports. How important it is to have a stable career, education and to predict the future economy. Most of all, we learn about fraud from the financial industry and how it can affect all of us, because of the recent melt down that we are all in trouble. This recession caused many death and many problems for family too. So how can Americans create more jobs for themselves?

I just realized that all of the jobs are outsourcers to some company in the East. Why do they have to do that? We can give our people jobs but then every company wants to save money. Should the government give them more incentives to keep the jobs here in the US? Like more tax breaks and loans if they keep the jobs here for the US citizens. I think this would be a good idea. Plus I don’t see how a person in India, who don’t know about the US, to provide good service to the US. It’s not going to do it. I even get terrible service from US companies so I wouldn’t expect some guy in India to know much more. I was stuck on the freeway and AIG couldn’t even look me up on the map. I had to wait four hours and it was embarrassing and inconvenient to do that.

I was thinking of bringing some of the jobs back into the US. Now more companies are going overseas and will not come back. I guess eventually the US will run out of a lot of good jobs. However, if the dollars keep on deflating, soon they will have to bring it back to the US. How about helping students finish college. I used to have a lot of problems just going to the financial aid office and I was a senior in college. Colleges will not take an extra step to help you get the grants that you need to finish college. They won’t do it. They will delay it and maybe even take your grants and put it up for some other funding. I’m going to contact the government regarding this problem.

I have a feeling that Universities are taking students grants for other things like their own promotions. I feel that if more and more people are willing to open up business, they can create more jobs. Many people in the US are capable of opening a business or want to but lack the resources to open one so if the government provide them with enough assistance, they can open more business. However I feel that some of the programs are weak and not enough to help those who really need help.