How to Create Residual Income Writing Bukisa Articles


Did you know that it is very easy to make a residual income with Bukisa? You will need to write a large cache of articles and adjust them so that they are receiving the most hits that you can generate. After that, the money will start adding up. You will have to work hard at first to create a lot of good articles with a lot of good content, but after it takes hold and begins to roll on its own through search engines and keyword searches, your earnings will increase on their own. If you are a stay-home-mom, this can be a golden opportunity for you to earn an extra income!

Here are some steps to go about earning:

Set a goal for the income that you would like to earn. Just as an example, figure each of your articles will earn $2.50 per month. That is just an example. Some of your articles will be more successful than others. Some will be much less and some will be a lot more. Watch your articles and you can get an average earning potential and use that for figuring. Let’s use $2.50 by way of explanation. Take the goal earnings that you figured and divide it by the monthly earning average that you have figured for each article; in this case $2.50. If you would like to earn $1,000 a month and your articles average $2.50 each, you will need to write 400 Bukisa articles.

You will need to write the articles reasonably fast. You DO have an edit option on each and every article. After you get them online so that they can start earning for you, go back over them and change and edit as necessary. Add photos and links to maximize page hits.

Make sure you are using appropriate keywords. Use descriptive language that you feel would come up in a search engine. Make sure to use this descriptive language throughout your article. Use the handy tools available online to see what people are searching for and what language they are using to search. Links to those tools can be found here.

Add photos as often as you can. Photos appeal to people and will enhance your articles. You can use your own photos or find free ones to use online.

If you have a blog or website, or a social networking site such as Facebook, make sure to post links to your articles regularly. Keep everyone informed as to what you are writing!

Would you like to write for Bukisa? There is, of course, no fee and it is legitimate. Click here for more info and an application.