How to Deal Hangovers

The best is also trying to bring your friend along instead going alone go to bar or entertainment pub. They will be a lot of mix people around the pub who try to harm people when they find a way. Here are some tips for you on how to handle situations like that which often occur.

  1. At the party – Try to drink plain water throughout the night and remember not to mix your drinks. You are likely to get drunk too fast you want to remember the good times the next day, don’t you.
  2. Timing – Plan ahead to make sure you have some time to sleep before work and this might mean being disciplined about leaving the party at certain time. Without adequate sleep, your body cannot process all the alcohol.
  3. Eat –you need to eat something first because an empty stomach and alcohol will spell disaster.
  4. When you get home -Drink a glass of water (or more) and take a multivitamin before you go to bed.
  5. Shower -Even if you bathed before you went to bed, take a shower to wash away any alcohol smell that seeped out of your pores as you slept. You will also be washing away the smoke and other unwanted smell that you will notice if you don’t usually smoke.

Well hope these tips will benefit you a lot.