How to Deal With Allergies in Florida And Anywhere Else You May Live

When I moved to Florida, I didn’t realize I was going to have to deal with allergies. Florida is a beautiful place with beaches, warm sunny days and allergies. Florida is filled with all kinds of dangers; Bad people who ran here from other places, alligators, snakes, spiders and allergies. I found myself in the doctor’s office monthly with sinus infections. I had to take antibiotics, rest, only to find myself back at the doctor’s office the next month with the same thing.

I decided it was time for me to find an allergy doctor. The allergy doctor tested me for allergies and was amazed. They had never seen another person with allergy problems worse than my allergy problems. They put me on allergy shots for a year and a half. The allergy shots helped, but did not cure the problem. I took myself off the allergy shots when they raised the mold too high. The doctor raised the mold in my allergy shot just as the mold in Florida was high. I had a bad reaction and wound up at a heart doctor. They tested me and everything pointed to the allergy shot and the mold. I am allergic to mold.

Preventive Care For Allergies

I learned important allergy preventative measures from the allergy doctor.

1. Allergy medicines– The allergy doctor tried to put me on Allegra D to prevent my sinus infections. The problem was I had a bad reaction to the medicine. It is not supposed to make you tired. I could hardly get out of bed when I was on Allegra D. I now take Zyrtec (without the D= decongestant) because it works well for me. Zyrtec is expensive, so I buy the cheaper version of Zyrtec at Sam’s. It is called Cetirizine and it costs $15.00 for 350 tablets. You only have to take one tablet per day.

2. Nose sprays-Nose sprays are allergy medicines, but they are different. I use Nasonex because it works well for me. It is a prescription medicine and costs me, but it is worth the money. I also buy 4 Way nasal sprays over the counter. 4 Way nasal sprays works well and helps me at times when the other medicines are not enough. The best place to buy this medicine is at Target. It costs a little bit over $5.

3. Saline nasal spray-Saline nasal spray is good to clean your nose out. It is used for cleaning out and moisturizing your nasal passage.

4. Neil Med Sinus Rinse-When your nose gets sore or has cuts in it, it is time to flush it out with Neil Med sinus rinse. The rinse is a salt you mix with water and spray into your nose. It cleans out mucus and heals cuts inside of your nose. This product can help prevent sinus infections.

5. Removing carpets from your house-If you have bad allergies it is smart to remove the carpets from your house.

6. Change your air condition filter often-changing your air filter often helps to clean allergens out of the air in your house. You will see dust built up on the filter when you change it. Many allergy sufferers are allergic to dust.

7. Air purifier-buy an air purifier and purify the air in your house. The better you prepare your house from allergies, the better you will feel as an allergy sufferer.

8. Stay away from things you are allergic to-I am extremely allergic to cats. The allergy doctor told me they are dangerous to me. We had cats when I was growing up and I often had trouble breathing. If you are allergic to it, stay away from it. I try to stay away from as many things as I can to help prevent allergy attacks. If there is something in Florida you are allergic to, stay away from it.

9. Keep up on your allergies-study up on your own allergies. Ask the doctor questions when you are in his office. Ask him how to prevent sinus infections. Ask him for any information he has on preventing allergy attacks. Spend time on the internet learning about allergies. Allergy attacks can ruin your day, so it is best to try to prevent them the best you can.

10. Check out the allergy map-My allergy doctor has an allergy map. It tells when certain allergies are at their highest levels and where. It is good to know what you are in for when you suffer from allergies in Florida or any other state.

I hope you get ideas from my experience. I have suffered from allergies for my whole life. I will suffer for the rest of my life here in Florida. However, I am educating myself to better deal with my allergy problems. If you have allergy problems, it is a good idea for you to learn the best way to prevent as many of the problems from your allergies you can. If you lived here in Florida with allergies, you would understand what I am talking about. If you are allergic to anything, it will find you in Florida.

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