How To Deal With Tight Foreskin Problems

A foreskin is the piece of skin which covers the end of the penis. If you have undergone a circumcision then you will no longer have one. If you have a tight foreskin that is difficult to pull back you may be very embarrassed and concerned as well as feeling a degree of pain. If you suffer from any tight foreskin problems than you will be glad to know that there is treatment available to you.

The medical term for a tight foreskin is phimosis. If you believe that you have phimosis then you will not be able to wash under the foreskin and so there will then be a build up of a white substance termed smegma. When your penis is erect it can be very sore, which has the side effect of making sex less pleasant.

Some men have had the problem all their life while others may develop it later on due to an infection such as thrush. If it’s the latter, see your doctor to cure the problem fast.

If you have a tight foreskin then forcing it back can make the problem worse as the skin can crack. It is better to gently try stretching it every night before sleeping.

If the problem persists then you will need to consult a doctor who is often likely to recommend an operation, which may or may not be what you’d like. The most common procedure is to have a circumcision. This will involve your foreskin being cut away by a surgeon. It will cause you some discomfort for a number of weeks afterwards so it is best to avoid tight trousers or pants.

Another option is an operation known as preputioplasty. This is not such a severe procedure as a circumcision as the foreskin is not removed. Instead it is sliced and then cross stitched back together to give a wider shape, lessening your problem considerably.