How to Decide if Ebay is For You?

How to decide if ebay is for you?

Answer these five questions?

Being an ebay full-time seller is to live a dream: making a real income working at home, your own boss and the rest of it. It is the promise of a million scams, and it has finally come true – at least for some.

What they do not tell you, is the stories of success, however, become a full time eBay seller is not everything. You really, really should try it on a part time basis before you consider taking it up full-time and even then, caution is advised. Before you go jumping from the frying pan into the fire, here is a list of questions to ask.

How much earnings do I make on eBay?
Work on how many hours per week you are doing things related to eBay (be honest), and share it with the average amount of profit you make per week. If you were doing all the same time in hours, would you earn what you earn now in your job?

Does my job have good prospects?
Consider what you might miss if you give your work to focus on eBay. If you’ve a well paid job with a good career prospects,then again a few years ahead you may have wished you stayed in your normal job, you may have been promoted or the Director of the company by now,

Can you really make money?
Unless you sell a lot of small items, most of what you do on eBay will be waiting for auctions to end – and you can expect to work as easily in your job as you can do at home. Therefore, if you want to earn more money on eBay it really depends on what type of items are sold – the low value items, going full time would be a good thing. For those high-value, you will most likely reach the limits of the amount of money you invest in stock long before you reach your time limits.

Is working at Home A good place to be?
Apart from anything else, you can see that the dream of home work is more of a nightmare in reality. People can start counting on you to have things to be done during the day. If you have a wife and children they may regret that you are at home, you won’t having anything to do with them for much of the day. Indulge yourself in one of these things and stopping work for a while will make your profits fall.

Will I survive if everything goes wrong?
Ultimately, would you be able to cope if you had one or two months, when you sold literally nothing? Or would you be desperately looking around for a job and cursing the day you ever discovered eBay? This is the real test.

If you went through all of these questions, then I think you are ready for the eBay life – and even if you did not, you’d be surprised how much you can get doing part-time.