How to develop a reading habit in Schools

The ability to read and understand opens the flood gates to all knowledge. Children need to be encouraged to read, and read at a tender age. In a world where the Internet, video games and other gadgets have overtaken the power of the written word schools are now obliged to ensure that they nurture a reading habit.. In order to develop a reading habit schools should:

1. Acquire reading materials like readers, story books and folktales

2. Have a readers’ section, with space for children to sit and enjoy good stories

3. Allocate library timetable for children to engage in silent reading

4. Invite Children’s literature authors to freely read to children

5. Encourage teachers form drama groups

6. Enable children to visit important national events like book fairs to have contact with books at a tender age.

Thus is only through reading that children will be able to develop literary skills, be good in comprehending and be good speakers during School Open Days, Prize Giving Occasions and National Debate Presentations.

For schools to build a good foundation for children, all that is required is an atmosphere of good school librarianship in our schools and a professional approach to utilization of the libraries, such that libraries in schools will become laboratories of knowledge.

It is only through the power of the written word that children will become better learners and quickly grasp new concepts .Once children develop keen interest in reading all knowledge is open and thus they will be on the way to become better informed citizens of tomorrow.