How to do Your Own Balloons

How to do your own balloons

Balloons make a huge impact on any event, but the increase in the price of helium and the labour costs that companies charge, (trust me I know, I used to be a balloon decorator) can really drive the prices right up. In this series of articles I will tell you the easiest and cheapest possible ways to do your own helium balloons and how to make sure they have the maximum impact on your event.

Always try to do your balloons as close to the time of your event as possible. The helium escapes through the skin of the balloons after a certain length of time, so the later you do them, the less time it has to escape.

Get your helium from a registered trader, don’t bother with throwaway canisters, there’s never enough helium in them. When I  used to trade, everybody that had bought a throw away cylinder from another shop (we didn’t sell them) brought it back and said the helium had run out. They say they will do about 50, when in reality you are lucky if they do 30.

If you want your balloons to last as long as possible and not be worrying about them going down, you will need a flight extender. This is a clear liquid that you pump inside the neck of the balloon and spread it around. This will coat the inside of the balloon, slowing down the process of the helium escaping. Some extenders are said to make balloons float for up to 50 times longer than they normally would.

I can’t stress the importance of good quality balloons, they don’t need to be pricey, but they do need to be quality. Look for thickness and flexibility, if the balloons are thick, they will hold the helium better, but make sure they are flexible, as brittle, stiff ones will burst more easily.

You can’t really beat qualatex for helium quality balloons, or unique party for the cheaper end that maintains the quality.

Make sure your balloons are meant to be helium filled, take one of your balloons and hold it by the neck. Let it dangle down, is the writing the right way up? If it is then when you fill it with helium, the writing will be upside down.

If you are transporting balloons to another place once you have done them, my advice would be to put them into plastic bags such as bin liners. If you don’t, the ribbon will tangle up like you won’t believe!