How to Earn Extra Cash

Step1 Gather all of your old VHS tapes, cassette tapes, paperback books, hardback books, CD , DVD, vinyl records, computer games, and board games.
Step2 Now get on the internet and search for a store near you that buys all of these things used. There are several stores that will this these items and give you cash , some however will give you in store credit so make sure you find out the rules! Half Price Books is the name of a wonderful store that buys things used!
Step3 You might also consider selling these items online either through a store or on an auction website. It is amazing the demand for out of print books and other old things that you may have laying around at your house. Turn these things into money by selling them!
Step4 Another way to profit off of your old used items, is to have a garage sale in your neighborhood!  Be sure to post several signs advertising your garage sale so that you will have larger number of customers to sell to.

Step5 Now put the extra cash in your bank and save it if you can. Don’t go spending if just because you can!